DIY Garage Door Opener Demo

We filmed a small sequence of the result obtained after installing your Voila Smart Relay module and creating an account on the site.

It goes very fast and it shows that the IoT can really be useful to you in many different circumstances and especially when what should not happen, happens!

In the example, we have a problem with the remote control of the garage door that does not work. Fortunately, this happens at a time when the solution is all found and put into service.

In many cases, it can happen to be really annoyed to find a broken remote control problem, and in general it never happens at the right time; you have an appointment, your children are in the rain, forget the keys of the house,…

While curiously your smartphone is “always” or almost always at hand, available and ready to use. And that makes a lot of things easier, as you will see…

Link to the DIY Garage Door Opener Demo video here

If you want to see how to install it please see this video


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